O, what a thrill.

I'm Caitlynn, brand new student at the most happenin' college on the east coast. I'm going to build a house out of mud and it will be the most satisfying experience of my life. I love openly and generously, cry out of happiness, and really appreciate good grooves.

gotta remind myself to stop fucking whining
because of the time it takes to complete things
the time it takes for a day or week to pass
because each second gets me closer to doing
everything I need and want to do. 
it may be slow moving progress towards the rest 
of forever, but whether I’m making the best or 
worst of my time, it’s gonna tick by at the same
rate so I might as well put some real effort into
everything that has to do with living instead
of netflixing my days away, sleeping late, 
rushing important things. 
because wasting time is just…lame

I’m gonna marry that boy one day.


"Or they got a salad fork and you have one of the big dinner forks and you have longer to go and they’re like…done"

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