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i love blue pikachu


That’s sonic…

sure you can nickname your pokemon whatever you want

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Turn on the tv: ads for American Horror story, more new movies about evil and mental hospitals and demons and darkness.
It really seems to me that it’s pretty common these days to be into gore and the macabre. I see it all the time in my sculpture class; this fascination with death, decay, anything repulsive or sickening. 

But when someone that you love the most in this world has delusions of demons and Satan and you experience how mental illness can terrify someone to their very core and make life hell for anyone else in their proximity…it doesn’t seem fitting to view it as pop culture on prime time television. I have a serious problem with art that’s meant to disturb. There is no beauty in insanity. There’s no glory in sadness. I think there’s something seriously wrong with perpetuating these images of morbidity for shock value.

I’m not saying the dark side of human nature should be swept under a rug. There’s a definite need for awareness about how people are treated so awfully in mental health facilities and what it means to experience psychosis, which is cheapened by dramatization…if you ask me.

So when you go out on a Friday night to see the new flick about exorcism, hauntings, mental wards, what-have-you, take a second to remember that some people are legitimately plagued by the kinds of demons you only have nightmares about.

Some people can’t just turn off the movie. 

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